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...A Jury of Her Peers by Susan Glaspell The short story “ A Jury of Her Peers” by Susan Glaspell was published in 1917. The story is a version of the play Trifles which was written in 1916, however was not published until three years later. The fictional story is said to be based off of an actual court case from Iowa. The characters themselves are also part taken from the actual court case that took place in Iowa. In the story “ A Jury of Her Peers” the theme, symbols, and characters all show how different men and women are and at the same time, how men and women are alike. The story jumps into action when Mrs. Hale, Mr. Hale , Mrs. Peters, the sheriff, and the county attorney are at the scene of the crime and Mr. Hale explains what he saw and heard yesterday at the Wrights house. After Mr. Hale gives his story, the men decide to investigate the crime scene. The men tell the women to stay in the kitchen and look around for any clues to help them find out what happened. The men go out to look around the house to see if there is any evidence outside. The women find clues that incriminate Mrs. Wright but in the end they decide to not tell the men of their findings. At the beginning of the story Mrs. Hale is flustered with work in the kitchen when she is called upon by her husband to travel to the Wright’s house. Once there she finds out the horrible truth that Mr. Wright has been murdered. While she listened to her husband give testimony about what he had heard...

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