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I began an Access course in 2010 and have very much enjoyed the return to education, which has trained me in the essential academic skills such as essay writing and referencing. At the same time I worked for an agency where I was given responsibility for the care of an adult with tetraplegia, who suffered from emotional and cognitive disabilities which sometimes manifested themselves in challenging behaviour. I worked in his home and managed to build a mutually trusting relationship with him, helping him to manage a degree of independent life. The whole experience was immensely rewarding despite the real difficulties it posed. In 2011 I began work in an NHS trust as a health care assistant and as a bank staff member I gained experience of a wide variety of wards and types of illness. I hade one-to-one sessions with Parkinson’s sufferers and with patients with Alzheimer’s, trying to bring relief to the frustrations they feel from their inability to communicate. I have enjoyed working on the neurology ward and in medicine for the elderly, learning many nursing skills, such as taking blood pressure and noting symptoms, as well as the administrative processes of nursing, keeping accurate notes, relaying information and the like.

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Some topics require you to define what you understand by certain terms in the essay question. This is particularly so if the words are highly technical or are 'common' words used by the community but used within health science and nursing to have specialised meaning. For instance, the words 'older adult' would have to be defined to indicate what age groups you were actually considering within your essay. 'Older adult' is a vague term until it is defined.