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Child abuse is the physical, sexual, emotional mistreatment, or neglect of children. In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or also known as CDC defines child abuse as any act or series of acts by a parent or other caregiver that could result in harm to a child. Most child abuse occurs in a child's home, but it could also be found within organizations, schools, or communities that the child interacts with. There are four major categories of child abuse: neglect, physical abuse, psychological/emotional abuse, and also sexual abuse. In the story I selected, it shows many signs of sexual and physical abuse within a little girl and her older brother. Of course the mother chose to neglect the problem because the daughter would never reveal to anybody, not even her counselor, what had happened. Eventually she did tell somebody and was able to get treatment. In this essay, I’m here to inform you on the cultural and structural factors I researched to give you some information on why children are abused in their homes based on sociological imagination. Child abuse dates back as far as the 1800s, but most researchers believe it goes back further than that. But surprisingly child abuse wasn’t an issue until the late 1800s when a 9-year old girl named Mary Ellen received publicity after being found bound to her bed and beaten severely by her step-mother. This led to the first child protection association in the country. Research shows that in 2001, approximately 40 million children are subjected to child abuse each year globally. Many structural factors are involved with child abuse and neglect, such as poverty, inadequate housing, and etc. Although many issues have come about over other forms child abuse, researchers show that poverty and inadequate housing are associated with increased abuse and neglect. Violence also is an issue that has become a topic. Violence in the household, community, or at...

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"CRITICALLY ANALYSE ISSUES AND CONTROVERSIES ASSOCIATED WITH AN AREA OF CONTEMPORARY SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE OF YOUR CHOICE" ISSUES AND CONTROVERSIES ABOUT CHILD ABUSE AND SAFEGUARDING CHLDREN This essay will critically analyse issues and controversies surrounding child abuse. "It is a shared vision that all children should have the opportunity to reach their full potential and that no child slips through the net". This is a quote from the Forward in Every Child Matters the next steps, a green paper, which was published in 2004. This essay will look at child abuse and the point that no child slips through the net. What exactly is the net and how are children in need going to be caught by it and the notion of 'working together'. This essay will discuss all of these points in relation to legislation, policies and procedures. Through out the essay there will be references made to a number of enquiries where children have slipped through the net for a huge number of reasons. The two main cases the essay will converge on will be that of Victoria Climbie and Aliyah Ismail. Both these children tragically died at the hands of abusers. In the case of Victoria Climbie an inquiry was undertaken by Lord Lamming, which led to recommendations for change in the child protection system, many of these changes have been encompassed by the children act 2004. The death of Aliyah Ismail caused widespread attention from the media, some of which will be looked at in this essay.

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