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THE FILM: Forget best Criterion release—Powell and Pressburger’s 1943 Technicolor epic is perhaps the greatest movie ever made, period. Foregoing the major points of interest of the traditional life-story template in favor of the minor details and the color of the in-between, “Colonel Blimp” is overflowing with the passions and tragedies of lived experience, coming as close as any film has before or since to encapsulating what it’s like to be alive.

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WHY THE CRITERION IS ESSENTIAL: Disc two includes about ten minutes of footage from Orson Welles’s still-unreleased final film, “The Other Side of the Wind”, couched in the middle of a (very good) documentary on the second disc. Worth the price of admission alone. – CM

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Essay UK, Karl Popper’s Doctrine of The Criterion of Demarcation. Available from:

WHY THE CRITERION IS ESSENTIAL: "A Message from Akira Kurosawa," a 90-minute doc produced by Kurosawa's production company, is one of the best extra features Criterion has ever included in a release. There's no word on an imminent Blu-ray re-release, but my gut tells me that one might be in the works, so do with that what you will.

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An important note about the criteria used: This is not a list of the best films in The Criterion Collection. This is a list of the best Criterion Collection releases (as determined by one obsessive collector, with an assist on some of the capsules ), and while my love for the films themselves was overwhelmingly the most important factor in determining these rankings, everything from the quality of the transfer to the depth of the supplemental material and the beauty of the packaging was considered. Obviously that made it more difficult for standard-def releases to make the cut, and – in order not to fill the list up with Criterion's incredible box sets – bang for the buck was a factor as well. The question I always returned to was "how important is it to own this particular edition?" It's not lost on me that only one of these films was directed by a woman, and

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WHY THE CRITERION EDITION IS ESSENTIAL: Criterion's deluxe edition of "The Royal Tenenbaums" was something of an olive branch between Wes Anderson enthusiasts and cinephiles who were less smitten with his idiosyncratic style. The gorgeous packaging (designed by Anderson's brother) houses a bevy of great bonus features, all of which are touched by the kind of involved candidness that I suspect Wes Anderson may never offer again. His audio commentary alone makes this a must-have for anyone who enjoys his films, and Albert Maysles' contributions to the disc are just icing on the cake. And if you can go through life without having this film in arm's reach at all times, then you're not... most of the people I know.

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Criterion-Referenced vs. Norm-Referenced Tests
are designed to rank test takers on a “bell curve,” or a distribution of scores that resembles, when graphed, the outline of a bell—i.e., a small percentage of students performing poorly, most performing average, and a small percentage performing well. To produce a bell curve each time, test questions are carefully designed to accentuate performance differences among test takers—not to determine if students have achieved specified learning standards, learned required material, or acquired specific skills. Unlike norm-referenced tests, criterion-referenced tests measure performance against a fixed set of criteria.