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The Unfinished David Foster Wallaces struggle to made the mistake of praising an essay of Wallace He took a trip on a cruise ship out of Florida to.

Still, Wallace's humor and personality remain irresistible and for experienced cruisers the essay is a page turner. I only wish I could have been on thatcruise with him to distract him from thinking so much. As a veteran cruise reporter it is also my job to notice all of these details, and although I can'twrite as eloquently as David Foster Wallace, I think the bigger difference is in how I view my job. I think about these things so you don't have to - tohelp you to relax and enjoy the freedom of being at sea.

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After that somewhat dark introduction the essay restarts by describing the Ft Lauderdale airport, waiting to board at the pier, the labyrinth to thegangway, being escorted to his cabin by two female "Aryan" crewmembers Inga and Geli, the elevator ride, and landing in his room where he eats the entirebowl of fresh fruit, lays down on the bed and drums his fingers on his tummy. The cruise begins.

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While this approach makes the essay funny and poignant in many ways, it also sad in one essential aspect that I believe needs to be clarified for therecord. Wallace failed to note, possibly to even realize, how his point of view was affected by the fact that he was sailing solo on a 1994-version cruise ship. Nowhere does heinterview couples to ask how they liked the cruise, for example. In the end, the piece is a definitive description of what novice solo cruisers couldexpect from a cruise in 1994, but it does not represent the true cruise experience of most people who sail with loved ones and friends on today's much more active and diverse newer cruise ships, and who haverealistic expectations about the cruise experience.

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But most important to me is how the essay is swayed by the fact that Wallace was sailing solo on the Celebrity Zenith in 1994; a time when cruises weremuch more traditional and destination focused than they are today. Celebrity Cruises, still owned by its founder John Chandris at the time, was singularlyrenowned for its outstanding cuisine and exquisite service, two points where Wallace was in full agreement.

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As a cruise virgin who knew next to nothing it is a testament to Wallace's talent that people still cite this 20 year old essay as one of the best everwritten about cruising. Wallace captured his cruise experience succinctly, albeit from a decidedly cynical perspective. Still, most of the piece ispertinent today even though it was written 20 years ago.