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The act of committing a home invasion is escalating much like carjacking. The reason for the increase seems to follow a similar pattern. Much like automobiles, the traditional commercial targets for robbers like convenience stores and fast-food restaurants have hardened themselves against criminal attack and have reduced available cash. Technology has allowed commercial establishments to install affordable video surveillance systems, silent alarms, and other anti-crime deterrent devices. A residence, by comparison, is now a more attractive choice.

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Home invasion robbers, in contrast, work more often at night and on weekends when homes are more likely to be occupied. The home invader will sometimes target the resident as well as the dwelling. The selection process may include a woman living alone, a wealthy senior citizen or a known drug dealer, for example. It is not unheard of for a robber to follow you home based on the value of the car you are driving or the jewelry you are wearing. Some home invaders might have been in your home before as a delivery person, installer or repair vendor. Home robbers rarely work alone and rely on an overwhelming physical confrontation to gain initial control and instill fear in you. The greatest violence usually occurs during the initial sixty seconds of the confrontation and home invaders often come prepared with handcuffs, rope, duct tape, and firearms. Some in-home robbers appear to enjoy the intimidation, domination, and violence and some even claim it’s a "rush."

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According to the burglary statistics, the first room of the house to be robbed is the master bedroom. It seems that this is the most common place for hiding things like jewelry, collectibles, safes and even loose cash. If you have anything like this (or anything else that might look valuable to a burglar) you may want to consider moving it into another room and maybe even attempting to hide them better.

Free Essays on Robbery. An Attempted Robbery Narrative Essay An Attempted Robbery One evening when the sun was about such as robbing a house or a store.In today's tough economy, home invasions are sadly becoming more real. People are losing their items, and many may never see them again. If you don't want your house robbed, this guide will show you some easy steps you can take to prevent a break-in.Jan 06, 2007How to write an essay about robbery? neighbour house was broken into and robbed by three men when neighbour out of town would be your thesis.The weakest home security link is the home occupant who fails to lock doors or windows or who will open the door without question at the sound of a knock. The best defense against home invasion is education and planning. Parents should hold a family meeting to discuss how to answer the door when someone knocks. Another important topic is how to act should your home or family be invaded. Once you know how home robbers work, you can effectively prevent most occurrences. See also for more information. The timing of the school year also has implications forstreet robbery in college towns or areas with universities for the reasonsmentioned above. In addition, events tied directly to the beginning of school,such as homecoming weekend, could draw large crowds of students, parents andother patrons to high-risk areas. Robbers might also target college students whogo out at night or use drugs and alcohol throughout the school year. Workingwith campus police could shed light on the types of students most at risk and onhigh-risk times and locations. Other annual routines include seasonal work(e.g., landscaping and construction) and vacationing.PAY ROUTINES. Regular payment schedules for someworkers could influence street robbery patterns. Workers paid in cash daily (e.g.,waitstaff and day laborers) are obvious targets as they go home. However, robbersmight target even workers paid by check if they routinely cash their checks atthe same time and place. In either case, the point is that a robbery problemcould emerge if offenders identify certain times, days and places when specificpeople will have cash on hand. Thus, pay routines might influence streetrobberies near quick-loan stores, liquor stores, off-track betting parlors,bars, or other places commonly visited on paydays.The same tactics used to prevent daytime burglaries will go a long way to preventing forced entry home robberies. If you can delay a home invader at the point of entry then you have a chance of deterring them or have time to call the police. A solid core door, strong locks with reinforced strike plates, and reinforced window devices will stop most forced entries. See my web page on for more information. Some homeowners build inside their home to allow them to retreat or escape the violence while giving them valuable time to call the police.