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Can There Be a World Without "Othering"

In that Colbert interview on his comedy show, it's no coincidence Sarkeesian won't name games and wants to talk about the industry as a whole, because in intersectionalism it is not individuals that are the problem, but straight white men. What intersectionalists refuse to understand because everything is a conspiracy to them, is that modes of diversity in cultural interests decide their own accidental and unpredictable presence. The equation is simply that when its time for such a thing it happens of its own accord. You can't go into boxing or romance fiction and change the demographic. If you try, especially with accusations of bigotry, people are going to get really angry. But intersectionalists would never accuse non-whites or women of a tacit conspiracy to maintain their own centrality within a cultural expression. That truism yields another dopey aphorism that women attacking men is men attacking women. It's the same old intersectional argument: oppose a black bigot and you oppose blacks. Somehow opposing the KKK is never opposing whites. The irony there is intersectionalists simply oppose whites anyway. Why focus on the KKK?

The definition of "othering" can vary

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Why so many such people are drawn to SF is anybody's guess, but it's killing the genre, and the literature they're producing and reading is the worst in the history of science fiction, at least in America. In an era of rampant relativism, no one should be surprised madness and paranoia are being mainstreamed as reasonable. Intersectionalism is notorious for giving full weight to the most hysterical fears among its coterie. What could be more obvious or neurotic than people who provisionally claim an interest in SFF who never express that interest without hysterically defaming tens of millions of ethnic European heterosexual men? For want of better words to describe such a bizarre and focused obsession, that's just plain nuts. Given that, it's no surprise a simple majority of over 50% of the intersectionalist women in SFF I've researched openly admit to mental health issues in a country where 6 to 9% of people ever claim to experience such things. Quotes like and "23% of women in their 40s and 50s take antidepressants, a higher percentage than any other group" are suggestive, but of what?

By the time you get to her view about the "perversion ofheterosexuality," realize that rhetoric sits close behind the bulk of the most looked up to and respected voices behind this movement in SFF. The binary as immoral and the non-binary as a cherished ideal is referred to time and again. How that wacky theme became central to the core SFF community is the story of how false oppression clothed in other fakery about a new Jim Crow and women's rights became mainstreamed under false pretenses and shoveled out to naive do-gooders. The semantic gibberish involved is considerable. In the old days, you used to have this thing called "lying." In the post-structural world, you have this:SFF's version of intersectionalism is of a current more conspicuously fused with the 1960s Second Wave gender feminism (as opposed to Second Wave equal rights feminism) based on French Queer Theory, eventually critiqued, promoted and Americanized by in her 1990 book Gender Trouble. Other than the Butlerian dimension, intersectionality doesn't concern itself all that much with white gay feminism (more the other way around) and cares even less for heterosexual equal rights feminism, both of which in fact it often and sometimes bitterly opposes. As Charlotte Bunch put it in the first issue of The Furies by the lesbian collective of the same name in 1972, "Race, classand national oppressions come frommen, serve ruling class white men'sinterests."Were Butler to try arranging a gay pride parade in Dearborn, Michigan let alone any Muslim country in the world other than Turkey, she'd quickly find the reason she is assaulted or thrown in a foreign jail is not because of the baleful influence of white Western males but because of a lack of it. She would also learn Hamas has no interest in gender studies or queer theory. Fast forward to today and the "progressive" rape culture feminists don't see called ISIS is handing out pamphlets in Iraq called which is reported by CNN the same week feminists are ignoring Iraq and and spinning new also released that week that reduce the 1 in 5 rape myth to about 7 in 1000 because feminists just know "rape culture" is an epidemic.